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SAARC which stands for “South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation” is made up of a group of south Asian nations and is an organization dedicated to economic, technological, culture. It was established on 8 December 1985 in Dhaka. It originally started off with 7 countries and Afghanistan joined the organization in 2005.  SAARC is headquartered […]

World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organisation came into existence under Marrakesh Agreement with effect from 1st January 1995 . The WTO replaced General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ( GATT). The main objective of WTO is to increase world trade and thereby employment. The WTO’s current Director-General is Roberto Azevêdo. The number of  Current members is  161. […]

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

IMF is an intergovernmental organization that promotes international economic cooperation. International Monetary Fund (IMF) was set up by 44 nation under the Bretton Woods Agreement of July 1944. It started it’s function on 1st march 1947. ◉ Important Facts of IMF: ● Headquarter at- Washington, D.C. ,United States ● Membership- 189 Nations (Founding) ● The […]

World Bank

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), commonly referred to as the World Bank, is an international financial institution whose purposes include assisting the development of its member nation’s territories, promoting and supplementing private foreign investment and promoting long-range balance growth in international trade. The World Bank was established in July 1944 at the […]

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